Persons With Disabilities Get Acting School

Persons with disabilities

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Drama school for persons with disabilities (PWD) begins in Guwahati.

The acting school opened by Sachitra Puthi Sanskriti Gosthi aims to showcase the talents of children with disabilities.

Named as Dibyanga Nat Vidyalaya, the school will provide acting courses for one year and will teach about acting on stage and in front of the camera.

Classes would start from August and will be held at DRS Kids School near Ganeshguri in Guwahati on every Saturday and Sunday.

Apart from acting, the school would also impart special skill training on terracotta art, mask making, etc.

“Despite their limitations, persons with disabilities have been making their presence felt in various sectors with performing arts being one of these,” says school’s principal trainer Rajiv Kumar Saud.

“Techniques used in the theatre presentation of persons with disabilities are a little different. So the students need some expert guidance and individual attention,” adds Saud.

“They might not be able to get this extra attention in a regular theatre or acting school,” further says Saud.

Saud further says that many students with disabilities are naturally endowed with a creative streak and the ability to express themselves.

“Their skill needs special support and training which can add more confidence to their performance,” writes The Assam Tribune quoting Saud.

Saud further says that the students would also be engaged in several projects like short films and theatre presentation.

“This will help them in gaining practical knowledge of fieldwork,” says Saud.

Several persons with disabilities have already made their presence by acting in various movies and short films.

Popular Bollywood film Holiday: A Soldier Is Never Off Duty, persons with disabilities were shown acting in an important portion of the movie.

Prior to that, several television shows aired on Doordarshan had actors with some disability.

The school in Guwahati would certainly go a long way in helping many students with disabilities from the city.

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