The media today is at a continuous process of change. It is very different today then what it was some two decades back. The houses serving the society with various news and views are family-owned or corporate-funded and in most cases are paid-news driven.

There are analytical and content-driven articles or news items, but they are sparse. Some say the tastes and the choices of the audience have changed and hence the media today is more about spiced up features and articles. This claim is partially true.

The Story Mug is an effort. It is an idea, which was born in 2010 and since then it has grown and expanded. The founding premise of The Story Mug is to tell many such stories which are less talked or spoken about, along with the stories which are common and are an everyday thing. The only twist, however, is that The Story Mug doesn’t believe in spreading negativity and sharing violence.

We believe that there is much to love even during the time of cholera.

We believe in putting forward the inconvenient truth in a simpler and straightforward way.

We believe in asking the right questions

We believe in talking about the people, and their stories. The opinions which matter and the opinions which can make a difference. We believe that an impact is an impact, irrespective of its size.

For any queries and suggestions, The Story Mug team can be reached at thestorymug@gmail.com.

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