Late Bhargav Medhi

Bhargav Medhi, a dynamic and dashing young talent left us all crying on June 19, 2019.

He was, is, and will always be an integral part of the team TSM.

When TSM was conceived, it lacked direction- mainly in terms of logo design and page design. It was Bhargav who designed the logo of TSM.

TSM belongs to him as well.

When we last talked, it was decided that we would sit and redesign the logo, but it seems destiny had something else stored for him and for us.

We don't miss him as he always lives on with us in the logo.

And in the future even if we change the logo, we will, however, be always identified this logo only.

Son of late MM Medhi and Bharati Medhi of Uzan Bazar in Guwahati, Bhargav was born on February 16, 1985, and he was the youngest among the three siblings.

Loved by his family and adored by his friends, Bhargav was popular for his humour and wit.

He was famous for ‘Donald Duck’ mimicry.

In his company, no one ever remained gloomy.

A dutiful husband and a caring father Bhargav also began his own designing firm and he was doing quite well, climbing the ladder of success one step by another.

TSM was one of his first clients for whom he designed a logo.

He also started his own YouTube channel where he used to podcast cartoon characters animated by him and also speak on various previously unknown and unheard facts.

His animations again were funny and would make everyone laugh.

A wonderful friend, a very good human- Bharagv shall always be an integral part of TSM.

Through this small write-up, we offer our prayers to the departed soul and immense strength to the bereaved family.


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