Perched in colour. Photographer: Sid Balachandran for Unsplash

Winter hike. Photographer: Andrik Langfield for Unsplash

Flapping beauty. Photographer: Taneli Lahtinen for Unsplash

Waiting for the Godot. Photographer: Karsten Jannicke for Unsplash

Flying towards a fresh destination. Photographer: Raza Ali for Unsplash

Kissed for eternity. Photographer: Jonah Pettrich for Unsplash

Set for a tussle. Photographer: Damon Hall for Unsplash

The run before the flight. Photographer: Dattatreya Patra for Unsplash

Geese taking off for the journey ahead. Photographer: Gary Bendig for Unsplash

. An important conference. Photographer: Qurratul Ayin Sadia for Unsplash

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