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Biryani Becomes Country's Favoured Dish Amid COVID-19 Lockdown

July 25, 2020

Biryani became the most ordered food online during the nationwide lockdown imposed across the country to control the spread of COVID-19.

In a report called StatEATistics report: The Quarantine Edition, published by food delivery platform Swiggy, found that biryani was ordered over 5.5 lakh times across India from various restaurants.

Swiggy made a study on how consumer buying behaviour and their eating habits changed during the period of the nationwide lockdown.

According to the report, the second and third highest food items that were ordered online include butter naan and masala dosa with 3.35 lakh and 3.31 lakh orders, respectively.

Biryani has topped the list of most ordered dishes for the fourth year in a row, the food delivery platform noted.

Among desserts, the huge favourite during the lockdown period turned out to be the Choco Lava cake, which was ordered around 1,29,000 times.

The second and third desserts that were in highest demand during the lockdown includes the “humble Gulab Jamun” and the “chic Butterscotch Mousse cake” with 84558 and 27317 orders respectively.

Swiggy delivered 323 million kgs of onions and 56 million kgs of bananas through its grocery section, the report stated.

According to the report, on average, “65,000 meal orders” were placed by 8 pm each day to make sure food arrived in time for dinner.

“It was the busiest hour for Swiggy delivery partners and restaurants. On average, they (customers) chose to tip Rs.23.65, with one particularly generous customer tipping Rs. 2500!” it added.

As birthday parties moved to video calls, and virtual cake cutting sessions, according to the food delivery platform, it delivered nearly “1,20,000 cakes” to complete these celebrations.

Overall, Swiggy delivered 40 million orders across food, groceries, medicines and other household items during India’s lockdown.

"I have myself ordered over 100 plates of biryani after the administration allowed the functioning of restaurants in the city," said Nabarun, Guwahati-resident while speaking to The Story Mug.

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