Candid Photography

Cooking begins the day

Candid photography by Saumen Paul

A little bit of shringar doesn't hurt

Paying obeisance

Some time for self-care

Candid photography by Saumen Paul

Sharing her heart out

Candid Photography is an art that is tried by many but mastered by a few as in candid photography, the photographer needs to keep in mind a lot of things.

Some believe that this genre of photography is easy and anyone with the camera in hand can do it, however, it is not the case to be.

As a candid photographer, one has to observe, anticipate, and then react. Observe and understand people, their behaviour, their personalities in a short time.

Using those observations one has to try and anticipate their reactions in different situations- especially in functions like weddings, parties, events etc.

One has to be ready with the finger on the trigger to click at just the right time, where one can capture a glimpse of their personality without them being conscious of the presence of the photographer.

This photography essay has been submitted by budding candid photographer Saumen Paul, who was declared a winner in the indoor photography section of the online photography contest Lens Speak- organised by The Story Mug on the occasion of World Photography Day, 2021.

The photo essay is called A Typical Day of a Mother and here the photographer captures a few moments from the daily routine of a mother's life.

Read the exclusive interview of Sumen Paul here.

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