Festivals, they say, are about togetherness and sharing the joy of festivities with loved ones. Especially, with the love of your life

But, how do you experience the same when you are thousands of miles away in the festive season?

Maybe, by trying to create the same feelings. Maybe, by letting the person know that we are always together in spirit.

'Durga Puja Minus Her' is a photo story to express the missing joy in festivities, and the yearning for the person who's the reason for everything festive in life.

Rittyz Kashyap
The mandatory selfie of Durga Puja
Devil's horn for the angel
Durga Puja is incomplete without jalebi
Especially for you
Bangles for my angel
I promise to be yours till eternity

Druga Puja Minus Her is a photo story captured beautifully by Uddipan Dutta- who is an artist, cinematographer, photographer, filmmaker, traveller and a dancer.

Captured in various locations of Guwahati this Durga Puja, the photographs capture the emotions of a husband for whom his wife means the world.

In Frame & Concept: Rittyz Kashyap | Colour correction: Irfan Khan

Dutta can be connected on Facebook at Uddipan Dutta

Developed By Lumenoid Studios
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