Earth Day

In each other's embrace


Earth Day

The sailor and his sea


Earth Day

Towards the unheard via the unexplored


A night so beautiful


Companions for eternity


Dreamers in the land of dreams


A horizon where countless horizons meet


Photography Is A Way To Fell is a collection of photographs by Partha Prawal Goswami, which he shared on the occasion of Earth Day.

Earth Day is an annual event celebrated around the world on April 22 every year to demonstrate support for environmental protection.

The first Earth Day was celebrated in 1970 and it now includes events coordinated globally by the Earth Day Network in over 193 countries.

The series of photographs reflect only a minute aspect of the earth that we live in and it not exactly goes with this year's theme as well.

The photographs were clicked in various places across Assam and it depicts both nature and the man-made concrete jungle as well.

Both chaos and the calmness are being depicted through the photographs.

The Story Mug team had a series of events lines up for the Earth Day celebrations, however, the lockdown clmaped to prevent the spread of coronavirus had forced a change in the plans.

We, at The Story Mug strongly believe that we are presently going through a fragile situation and that our existence is at stake.

The coronavirus pandemic is a lesson for all of us to learn the most important lesson in life- respect life and embrace nature.

No matter how powerful we think we may have become, but one sneeze by the Nature and we reralise our worth- we are a dust in the wind!

The worst, as many have said, is yet to come and we may encounter our worst of enemies soon and if we do, the big question that the mankind will need to answer is only about their survival.

The earth will survive and so will the wild beings, the fight, however, will be for the humans.

Earth Day or Earth Hour celebrations will remain unfruitful if we don't embrace nature and stop running after the prosthetics!

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