Half-baked news is dangerous
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Media And The Half-Baked News

July 30, 2019

For how long is media going to survive on the foundation of half-baked news and information?

For one half-baked information and one wrong allegation, can finish the life of a person and destroy a happy family.

A couple of days, in a news portal, back I read about one school teacher being accused of sexually harassing a Class X student.

The news says that the girl was dragged into his room, and he tried to force himself on her.

It further said that the teacher even lured the girl's family with money so that they don't complain to the police.

So that was the girl's version, but where was the version of the teacher?

Did the reporter not feel the need to talk to the teacher and have his version as well?

Or since a "girl has alleged" hence the allegation has to be true?

On a personal note, I want to say that I have been a student of the accused teacher from 1999-2004 and I can say with all honesty that he is innocent without any doubt.

Forget forcing on someone, he will never ever see a girl in a wrong way.

As a teacher, he is one of the most respected in his school and a favourite among his students.

On so many occasions he has taught students without any fee.

It is very easy to character assassinate any person but very hard for that person to get it back once he is proven innocent.

Based on one complaint, how right it is for the media to accuse someone of a crime like sexual harassment?

Should the media not do some background study and carry out proper investigation before airing one news?

To put on hold one news is not costlier than the reputation and image of one person.

I am also associated with the media and I was extremely ashamed to read the half-baked news, which was being curated by one of the "most responsible and reputed" media houses of the state.

NEWS simply don't mean to share information, but it actually means to share proper and balanced information with enough proofs to support the claims made.

Before indulging into character assassination, media houses should think what would happen if they are proven wrong?

This is not just poor, but this is pathetic as most of the media houses these days believe in writing views and unresearched opinions and not sharing the news

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