Neeli Jheel
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Neeli Jheel To Be Developed As Ecotourism Hub

June 14, 2022

A large area near Neeli Jheel in the the Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary in New Delhi will be developed into an ecotourism hub with several modern facilities like 3D Animal Exhibits and parking, a seating facility, a selfie point, an amphitheatre and toilets.

Eco-friendly materials like bamboo would be used for the construction, beautification and decoration of the place.

E-rickshaw would ferry tourists in the sanctuary. An un-metalled road leading to the sanctuary is also being constructed.

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Quoting a senior forest official, The Times Of India reported, "The minister has taken a keen interest in the project. The area will be beautified and developed in an eco-friendly manner for eco-tourism. The work will begin soon and we are and we are planning to open it to the public in October this year."

The official said that the idea behind opening the sanctuary for the visitors was that people can come and enjoy nature with their families.

The Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary is spread across 6,874 acres.

However, only 40 hectares area of the sanctuary bordering the 5.1-hectare Neeli Jheel would be developed as ecotourism hub.

Developments other than visiting areas will include plantations with signage to educate the visitors about the importance of trees.

According to Bombay Natural history, there are about 23 species of mammal, 252 bird species, 28 reptile species and 86 butterfly species.

Some animals spotted here include leopards, jackals, palm civets, black-naped hare, grey mongoose ruddy mongoose, striped hyena, porcupine, hog deer, and black buck, spotted deer, wild boar and langur.

The officials further informed that the sanctuary will open for visitors in October this year.

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