Let's chase back childhood
Perspective, life, and emotions
Readying to get busy
Three elixirs of life- rain, cricket and tea
Love is in the air
Chasing destinations
Smile is the best make-up a girl wears
Somewhere above amid the clouds...

'Photography Is About Feeling Happy' is the favourite quote of Bhargab Sarma, the man behind the lens who has contributed the above series.

By profession, he is an 'accidental engineer'.

He always wanted to be a traveller and a storyteller, but the perks of being an engineer (planted by the society of course) drew him to the 'civil' world.

But can one keep the real man away for long? Obviously not!

Today he travels, captures and tells the tales of people and places, of the region, and of various societies and communities.

He loves what he is doing and he does that which he loves.

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