Crimson tide at the horizon



Let's play the game, brother!


Infinite towards and finite horizon


When chaos is chaotically poetic

Young over the ages and the generations


Photography Is What The Souls Speaks is a collection of photographs clicked by Partha Prawal Goswami and these come from his archive of over 10 years.

These photographs were clicked in Shillong and its nearby areas and through these photographs Partha tries to capture and bring out the beauty of the Pine City.

"I love photography and I am always attracted by its vivacity. Nature is the strongest of all forces and we can never defy it's laws and power," says Partha as he describes nature.

He believes that every photograph has a tale to tell and one just needs the right eye and the right soul to capture its frequency.

"There are laws of photography that describe whether it is scientifically correct or not. But if you ask me, I feel every photograph has a story to tell," he says.

"Irrespective the way it is clicked, the moment that a photograph captures at the time it is captured, has numerous tales to tell. We just need to see it and decipher it," he adds on.

Apart from photoghraphy, Partha loves to write, read, try out various cuisines and travel.

He has also contributed previously for this section of The Story Mug.

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