Sushant Singh Rajput
Sushant Singh Rajput. Courtesy: Inventia

Sushant Singh Rajput Has Been Murdered!

September 13, 2020

Popular Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput, who died on June 14 'by suicide', has been murdered- as doubted by many of his fans.

An actor who had climbed the Bollywood ladder at a gradual pace, Sushant Singh Rajput left his family, relatives, fans and well-wishers in tears on June 14.

The news about his death by 'suicide' spread like wildfire and in no time there was created 'divided groups' who had multiple opinions about his death!

While one group called it to be a 'cold-blooded murder', one group on the other hand said 'nepotism' made the talented actor take his own life.

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Murder or abetment to suicide, both are crime and anyone involved in either of it are equally punishable.

Conspiracy theorists, who believed Sushant Singh Rajput was 'murdered', came with their theories and explanations as to how his 'murder' was staged as a suicide.

The supporters of 'abetment to suicide' also had their own beliefs as to who had wronged the late actor and why, which forced him to take his own life.

The media, the new media and the social media- everyone plunged into the case and began probing the death of the actor.

The probes, however, continue to grow even now- even after almost three months of his death.

In between, we saw the rise of people who claimed to have spoken to the late 'actor's spirit', who told them as to 'how and why he was murdered and by whom'.

Their videos on YouTube managed to garner millions of views.

#JusticeForSSR and #CBIforSushant became popular hashtag campaigns of the recent times and finally, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) was roped in to investigate the case.

The apex investigating agency since the past few days have been investigating the case and every day it has been taking newer turns.

From the death of an actor, the case then shifted on to the Hindi Film Industry aka Bollywood and its 'connection' with the drug mafia.

Which actor is connected to which drug peddler and how they fetch their drugs is now what is mainly revealing for us to witness.

In between two women- one the former girlfriend of the late actor and the other an 'outspoken and bold' female actor have been hogging the limelight- apparently for different reasons.

The social media got divided and the late actor who once had the cleanest image is now today called by various names.

The image he had built by the dint of his hard work while he was alive, has been maligned today- if not completely but to a great extent.

And the sad part is that late Sushant Singh Rajput is not here to fend for himself.

And those who have been defending him on his behalf today find themselves strangled in a web of series of events, which could and must have been avoided in the first place.

A case that began to probe about his death, today has scaled to a different height completely.

From this height, many see Sushant Singh Rajput as the perpetrator of his own, just like others involved are seen.

The #JusticeForSSR today seems to have gathered dust and slightly pushed to the back seat and it has been replaced by other hashtag campaigns.

Don't know if these hashtag campaigns for the late actor were actually required at the first place or were those 'scripted' and created with a purpose, but whatever may be the reason the damage, however, has already been done.

After the entire drug saga came out and it was revealed even he 'was taking drugs', many simply pounced on this opportunity and vomited their inner poison completely- forgetting the basic ethics of respecting the dead!

Though I have not followed what has been going on in the late actor's case, from what I have observed from news reports, all I can say is that he has been murdered for real.

If not his death was by a murder, but his death post his death is murder for sure and we all are a part of this.

His murder after his tragic demise could have been avoided.

Let him be what he was and it is no point now digging into someone's grave.

At least let us keep the place where some peace finally and truly exists!

Sushant Singh Rajput was a talented actor, a humble human being, and a role model to many aspirant actors from small towns and I will always remember him that way.

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