Luit Chaliha

The gentle hold

Will miss you...

Set to rule

Luit Chaliha

The scholar of the ruins

Luit Chaliha

One's protection is one's death


In search of a healthier pasture

Luit Chaliha

Waiting for his safe return

The fisherman and the mystical fog

Stairway to heaven

Luit Chaliha

I can feel the light

The spark that a soul carries is brighter and stronger

Clicked by ace Indian photographer Luit Chaliha, the above photographs are a part of his relentless photography work over the years.

Luit Chaliha is known for his landscape and human portraits and over the years he has been able to carve out a niche for himself.

A resident of Sivasagar district in Assam, Chaliha has over two decades of experience in photography and his photographs have featured in several national and international journals and magazines.

He has also contributed photographs to several ace news agencies of India and South East Asia including Press Trust of India (PTI) and Xinhua News Agency.

These are just a portion of the many stories that the ace photographer has captured over the years as a few of these photographs are even a decade old.

"The man behind the camera is important," is what he always say whenever asked to give some opinion about developing one's photography.

This is Chaliha's second contribution for The Story Mug and previously he has contributed a photo essay on Majuli titled Majuli: Myriad Shades In Few Frames.

He can be reached on Facebook and on Instagram as well.

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