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Assam Tableau To Showcase Bamboo, Cane Products

January 23, 2020

The Assam tableau at the Republic Day parade will showcase the bamboo and cane crafts of the state, a senior government official said on Wednesday.

According to the official, the decision has been taken since both bamboo and cane are integral parts of the Assamese lifestyle.

"Moreover, bamboo and cane are available in abundance in Assam and play a vital role in boosting the economy of the state," he added.

It may be mentioned here that a variety of products like mats, baskets, winnowers, sieves, jaapi etc. are made of bamboo and cane.

"Bamboo is a part of the culture and tradition of Assam and it is good that the government has decided to display it at the Assam tableau," said Kaushik Bora, a bamboo artisan, speaking to The Story Mug.

"Bamboo is not just used in Assam, but by the people of Northeast as a whole. I am excited to see what is showcased in the tableau," he added.

It may be mentioned here that the tableau will depict a woman using a loin loom that has a back strap with a continuous horizontal warp.

Such type of looms are quite popular in the hill districts of Assam to weave traditional cloth with ribbed texture.

As its width is relatively narrow, two to three pieces of cloth are generally stitched to complete a garment.

It is worth mentioning here that the tableau will also showcase various dance forms of the state.

"Rhino, tea, and the Brahmaputra have been a common display over the years in the Republic Day tableau," said Sikha Das, a Sattriya dance exponent, while talking to The Story Mug.

"I am happy to know that this year the government is trying something different," she added.

"We have a wide range of culture and tradition in Assam. We should appreciate, encourage, and display each and every one of these," she added.

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