Assam teenager creates app
Jishnu Baruah

Assam Teenager Creates App To Ease School Bags' Burden

Because of this innovation, Jishnu has been shortlisted with 26 other students from India and the USA for presenting their ideas to global CEOs

November 7, 2020

Jishnu Baruah, a 16-year-old student from Dibrugarh district in Assam, has created an app to help students organise their school bags according to a timetable which can be updated anytime by a teacher.

The idea of creating the app came to Jishnu after he saw young kids struggling while carrying heavy bags to school every day.

Because of this innovation, Jishnu has been shortlisted with 26 other students from India and the USA for presenting their ideas to global CEOs.

Jishnu is the only student from Assam to who has been shortlisted.

WhiteHat Jr made the selection through its WhiteHat Jr Silicon Valley Challenge programme, and over 7000 students from across the globe participated in this programme.

The app created by this Assam teenager has been named Jishnu's Light Bag.

WhiteHat Jr crafted the Silicon Valley programme to reinforce this idea with kids to make accessible industry veterans and to help kids understand that nothing is out of bounds if one dares to dream.

The programme entailed getting kids to create an app to solve real-life problems.

"The concept of getting these bright kids to interact with thought leaders was to reduce these conditional barriers that we have placed on our kids," informed Karan Bajaj, Founder and CEO, WhiteHat Jr.

"When kids are equipped with the right set of tools to learn in environments that don't restrict their creativity, the results are always astonishing," Bajaj added.

"Twenty-six bright young minds presented their innovations to the Silicon Valley team, of which 22 were Indians and four students from the USA," Bajaj further informed.

The panel included industry veterans like Amit Patel, Managing Director of Owl Ventures,  Arun Saigal, Co-founder and CEO, Thunkable and Suvir Sujan, Managing Director of Nexus India Capital Advisors.

"Meeting and interacting with innovators is at the core of what I do, but there's always a stark difference when discussing ideas with young minds," said Suvir Sujan, Managing Director at Nexus India Capital Advisors.

"Their purist perspective on complex issues is always refreshing," Sujan added.

"While the applications may be far from functional, the expanse of their horizons is what makes these dialogues truly enriching," he further added.

"It seems as if the new generation was born to learn. But what's most endearing is that these kids aren't just keen to learn but to use that knowledge to make a difference to the world they live in," said Amit Patel, Managing Director at Owl Ventures.

"If the future is entrusted to these kids, then we know we are in good hands," he added.

“Our original goal when we created Thunkable was to lower the barrier of entry to coding. Little did we imagine the creativity kids as young as six would unleash. What brings us joy is that the platform that we created has become a catalyst for other creators, a true testament that innovation is age-agnostic”, said Thunkable Co-founder and CEO Arun Saigal.

It is expected that Jishnu's selection will open the floodgates in Assam and more young and innovative minds will come up with different innovations in the future.

If you wish to download this app created by the young innovator from Assam, then simply click this link.

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