Trojan is an Assamese web series with its theme revolving around hacking
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Assamese Web Series Trojan Garnering Acclaim From Viewers

Although based on a technical subject, the latest cybercrime drama was written with a general audience in mind

November 10, 2022

Trojan, the newest instalment of an Assamese web series, is garnering acclaim from viewers for the creative way in which it tells its stories.

Trojan is a nine-episode slow-burning crime drama in Assamese that you can watch on the OTT platform Reeldrama.

The series, a first of its kind in the history of the Assamese entertainment industry, has been jointly directed by Dhruva J Bordoloi and Himjyoti Talukdar.

The gripping web series, produced by Reeldrama directors Kuheli Dasgupta and Sumit Dasgupta, unfolds a ransomware attack in Guwahati and how the CID jumps into action and gets to the root of the cyberattack.

With each episode, the tussle gets murkier as the web attack starts shaking the power corridors of the state.

Speaking on the plot of the web series, director–editor Dhruva J Bordoloi said, "My challenge was to keep the narrative consistent and engaging." I decided on a slow-burn treatment where characters and their motivation lead the story steadily without losing the suspense and thrill. Employing believable VFX was another important part. "I love editing what I direct, and Trojan was no different."

Although based on a technical subject, the latest cybercrime drama was written with a general audience in mind.

"While writing this cybercrime drama, the aim was not to bamboozle the audience with technicalities but to create interesting, relatable characters whose motives would grip the attention and drive the story forward," said the writer of the series, Sowrik Datta.

The web series stars Surjyasikha Das, Sanjib Sharma, Dhananjay Debnath, Swagata Bharali, Dr. Jayanta Das, Debajit Mazumdar, Debajit Hazarika, Mintu Baruah, Jolly Laskar, Akshit Goswami, Padmaraag Goswami, Aparna Dutta Choudhury, Pran Krishna Mahanta, Ashim Krishna Baruah,

Prayash Sharma Tamuly, Nagen Baishya, and Suruj Deka helmed the series' camerawork, and Saurav Mahanta composed the theme song and original score. Mashud Ahmed did sound design and mixing, and Dhruva J. Bordoloi did the editing, grading, and visual effects.

Locations in Guwahati, Mayong, and Dhekiajuli were used for filming the web series.

Bordoloi’s earlier films, "Dooronir NirolaPoja" (2017) and "Kokaideu Bindaas" (2019), were also well received by the audience.

Himjyoti Talukdar's first film as a director was the 2018 Assamese feature film Calendar. Previously, he had scripted and collaborated on the production of the Assamese children's film Marksheet (2018).

Reeldrama is a dedicated OTT (over-the-top) platform with loads of Assamese content.

The platform has movies from all kinds of genres, original web series, and shows about music, comedy, poetry, cooking, and religion.

One can visit the Reeldrama website or download the Reeldrama app from Google Play Store or Apple Appstore and enjoy the wide range of content.

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