DoNER Minister Jitendra Singh feels bamboo sector will propel India's economic surge in the post-COVID era
DoNER Minister Jitendra Singh. Courtesy: Hindustan Times

Bamboo To Propel India's Post-COVID Economy: DoNER

DoNER Minister Dr Jitendra Singh on Friday said that Bamboo sector will be one of the important components of India’s post-COVID economy.

He was addressing a webinar with various clusters of Cane and Bamboo Technology Centre (CBTC) and persons associated with bamboo Trade.

"It will propel the Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan in the northeast," Dr Singh said.

"It is going to be an important vehicle of trade for India and the sub-continent," the minister added.

Adding further he said, "Bamboo is not only vital to Northeast India's Post-COVID economy but it will also herald a new momentum for Vocal for Local."

The DoNER minister gave the mantra of “Create, Curate and Coordinate” for the sector for its full exploitation, branding, packaging and marketing in India and abroad.

"The present government has the capacity and the will to unlock the potential of this sector to the highest level as 40 per cent of all bamboo resources lie in the northeast," Singh added.

"This sector with immense potential has been neglected in the last 70 years," he was quick to add.

Dr Singh bemoaned the fact that despite India being the second-largest producer of bamboo and cane in the world, it’s share is only 5 per cent in global trade.

Speaking on the occasion union sports minister Kiren Rejiju said, "The DoNER ministry has done well to promote the bamboo sector."

"Now the onus lies on the eight states of the northeast to make it a vehicle of prosperity for the entire region," Rijiju added.

Rijiju also advocated that the Centre must do a hand-holding for the same as the sector has not realized its full potential.

Speaking on the occasion MoS, food processing industries Rameshwar Teli said that apart from huge employment opportunities, the bamboo sector can be the main pillar of ecological, medicinal, paper and building sectors in India.

"Through right policy interventions, India could capture a substantial chunk of the Asian market in bamboo trade," Teli added.

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