Bihar mosque redefining communal harmony, Ayodhya verdict
The mosque in Bihar's Nalanda. Image Courtesy: Jagaran

Beyond The Ayodhya Land Conflict

October 30, 2019

When the proposed Ram Mandir and the demolished Babri Masjid are bonnes of contention in Ayodhya, a village in Bihar is upholding an ideal example of religious harmony.

Maadhi village in Bihar's Nalanda district homes a mosque, despite the village having no Muslims living there.

The villagers, all Hindus, are offering five-times namaz a day at this 200-year-old mosque for decades.

Maintenance of the mosque is also taken care of by the Hindu populace of the village.

"We don't know the 'Azaan', but a pen drive with a recording is played every day to perform the ritual," reported India Today quoting a villager.

"Once the village had a sizeable Muslim population. But the people gradually migrated," he added.

"Today there is not a single Muslim soul living here," the villager added.

With the absence of any Muslim person to take care of the mosque, the Hindu people came forward to take care of it.

People clean the mosque every morning and evening and prayers are offered.

The exact date and time of the construction of the mosque are not known to the villagers.

Maadhi village is surely an inspiration for many and the religious fanatics must understand that there is more power in harmony.

Let's hope the Ayodhya verdict when out, may script another such harmonious story.

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