Web poster of Bhoi
Web poster of Bhoi

Bhoi: An Assamese Web Series Worth Watching

June 11, 2020

At a time when we are glued to the various online streaming platforms to watch our favourite web-series, here is Bhoi- an Assamese horror web series streaming on YouTube that is here is give us Goosebumps to the extent we have not dreamt of.

Assam is full of surprises when it comes to making web-series and Bhoi is just a series that you will love to the core.

The Story Mug got in touch with the maker- Pinkal Pratyush for a candid interview and here is the interview in details

TSM: Since when are you into the world of filmmaking?

Pinkal: Filmmaking wasn't the first thing I did.

Actually, I have started my journey through music and acting since I was 12-year-old.

I was and I am still very fond of music till date and professionally I am into music.

But on the back of my mind, I always had an idea of doing something like web series or a short film with a social message related to our society.

So as of filmmaker, this is my first time.

TSM: Is it harder to get started or to keep going? What was the particular thing that you had to conquer to do either?

Pinkal: I would say, starting isn't the hardest because we all start things with planning but keeping it going thus take a toll.

This is because at first people see what we want them to see without any expectations but after the first episode or so, people began expecting and keeping that expectation and making the audience satisfied with your work is challenging.

And as per your second question, this is just a starting so I have conquered a lot of things just to be a good filmmaker.

And I want to provide people knowledge with entrainment in it.

TSM: Bhoi is interesting. Tell us how did you develop the concept?

Pinkal: First of all, thank you so much for liking our web series.

The concept isn't new cause I was thinking of it from a very long time but for my work, I couldn't manage back then but when this whole pandemic thing happened and suddenly we were asked stay at home.

Like everyone even I was bored and I didn't want this time to go just laying down or something.

So I just called up one of my friend who stays nearby and discussed the idea of making a web series and he was very supportive.

Soon, so we decided to ask a few of our friends and cousins for help who stays and were also interested to work on this project.

And that's how eventually it worked and now people are enjoying our series and that's very overwhelming for us.

TSM: Was Bhoi shot during the lockdown?

Pinkal: Yes Bhoi was shoot during the lockdown period but with full precaution while following all the rules and regulation.

TSM: How difficult is to act and direct at the same time? How did you manage shooting during this period?

Pinkal: It is one of the most challenging things I have done to date.

As hard as it seems, it's much more than that.

But later, my father helped me a lot with the direction as he joined our team just to help us.

TSM: Tell us about the team associated with Bhoi.

Pinkal:  I can't thank my team enough for the dedication and hard work they have put in just to make Bhoi a successful one.

My team consist of 12 members including my father and my elder sister.

We didn't have any professional lights and other equipment while shooting.

The only thing we had was our camera and DIY lights for our shoot.

My backbone for this project are:

Script- Don Dingle and Pinkal Pratyush.

Screenplay - Apart from me, Kishore Boruah helped me in the screenplay.

Cinematography- Baidurjya Senapati

Assistant editor- Raktim.

Vfx, editing, background score, music- Pinkal Pratyush.

Mua - Priyashri Boruah.

Cast- Kalyan boruah, Pinkal Pratyush, Thomas, Bitupon, Bedanta, Rajsankar, Anuj Neog and Priyanka Pori.

Special thanks to- Prasanta Neog, Mridul Rajkhuwa, Vreegu kashyup, Nikhita, Naina and Rajashree.

This project was done in collaboration with Cinepixel Picture’s

TSM: Can you share a bit about the style of filmmaking you enjoy.

Pinkal: I enjoy making films with a message mostly related to social issues or something which are not really talked much but plays a very important role in your society.

I want to tell everyone that every problem comes with a solution. It's just about how we tackle it.

TSM: Who do you idolise as a filmmaker?

Pinkal: I would say, my parents. Since my childhood, I have seen them producing films as we used to have a production house.

And other than that I can't name one person cause I don't imitate but I get inspired and for that, we are blessed with many talents over the world.

TSM:  What are your future projects?

Pinkal: Definitely we're thinking of some interesting series which are on the way. Till then keep supporting us.

TSM: Any dream project that you have in mind?

Pinkal: Yes, as a filmmaker I do have a dream project and I'm working really hard just to make that dream into reality.

I hope one day I'll be blessed enough to showcase my dream project to you all.


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