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Choked: A Beautiful Tale Of Clogged Romance

June 6, 2020

If the demon of demonetisation still haunts you, and you feel you still have a lot to speak out, then Choked is just one of those movies for you.

This Anurag Kashyap directorial for Netflix is gritty, it is comic without being funny and it is unapologetically blunt!

The story revolves around Savitri- a hard-working but determined banker- her loving, caring but out-of work husband, their son and a host of other family-like neighbours.

Savitri works day in and day out to meet the ends of her family.

However, her meagre salary isn't enough for supporting the family of three in an expensive city like Mumbai.

And when one day she discovers that her leaking kitchen sink isn't just flushing out black and stinky water but also bundles of Rs 1000 currency notes, her life takes a new turn.

However, the happiness is short lived...well is it?

Soon after the discovery of the Ali Baba's treasure, the demonetisation demon pops out of nowhere, throwing everything out of gear and most importantly- back to square one!

But life is stranger than fiction and if something happens, then chances are it will happen for a second time and if it happens the second time, it will certainly happen for the third time.

Choked establishes this legacy of happening and re-happening with perfection.

We know how much Kashyap is vocal against demonetisation and he brings out all of his frustration and anger brilliant through Choked, but in a subtle way.

Sometimes in life we choke for no reason and grasp for breath and we are unable to speak even if we try hard.

Kashyap showcase this inability brilliantly, but in an underwhelming way.

Through Choked, Kashyap makes every statement he wants to without being rhetoric.

Clogged relationships suffer a sad death and we should always clear it before it is too late- a message well essayed.

Saiyami Kher is brilliant and after decades we have a female actor whose hazel eyes speak explicitly even during a blunt stare.

Roshan Mathew as Sushant will just make you fall in love with him and also hate him at the same time. He is brilliant in every frame.

And there is Amruta Subhash as Tayi- a person whom we will love to have as our neighbour...or will we?

This non-romantically romantic film is a must watch if you are an Anurag Kashyap fan.

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