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Coronavirus: Experts Reveal How Deadly It Is

March 2, 2020

The first case of coronavirus was identified in Wuhan city of China and in no time the virus spread across the globe affecting 89000 persons and killing 3000 (till date) in China alone.

Out of the 89000 cases reported worldwide, 8000 cases have been identified as serious.

With cases being reported from Western Europe as well, the coronavirus outbreak so far has affected 60 countries in total and the count is expected to rise in the future.

With deaths being reported from different countries in phases, one question naturally arises- how deadly is coronavirus?

According to Britain's Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, researchers in the UK have been able to estimate the death rate caused by the disease.

Hancock revealed that as per the UK government's assessment, the mortality rate (due to coronavirus) was "2 per cent, or likely, lower".

According to their assessment, about 9 in 1000 people could die from coronavirus and this amounts to around 1 per cent of the people dying due to the virus.

"There are, however, other multiple factors that can lead to the chances of dying from the virus," the researchers said.

They said that factors like age, gender, general health and the health system one is in determine the rate of death due to the virus.

"In China, where the disease was first detected, the percentage of people diagnosed with coronavirus, nearly 3.4 per cent are at the risk of dying," the researchers said.

"The number drops to 1.6 per cent if the patient is from outside China," the researchers further said.

Experts from across the world have said that even though coronavirus is deadly by itself, however, it still isn't as fatal as like the SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) outbreak or the MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome).

"SARS outbreak has a mortality rate of 9.6 per cent and MERS outbreak has a a mortality rate of 34.4 per cent," the experts said

Doctors have confirmed that even though a lot of people developed mild symptoms of the disease, however, it was mostly the people over 70 years of age with pre-existing health conditions are likely to pass away.

The health conditions include heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure issues etc.

"People with chronic medical conditions of the lung or the heart also need to be closely monitored," the doctors said.

Doctors have advised all to be cautious as much as possible and follow the WHO guidelines to protect oneself from getting infected.

The WHO guidelines include regularly washing your hands, avoiding touching your eyes, nose and mouth often and maintaining a distance of at least one meter from people when they sneeze.

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