Digital Marketeers Come Together To Help NGOs Dominate Digital Space

December 3, 2022

Non-governmental organisations (NGOs) impact the world in different ways- from fighting poverty, to empowering women, and also aiding in environment protection.

NGOs collect funds and use this money for the betterment of society. Individual NGOs promote themselves through everything from offering camps to word of mouth to many other strategies to collect funds.

However, times have changed and today we live in such an era where things are getting digital gradually.

The digital medium is one of the most potent mediums for reaching out to many in a short time across the globe.

Hence, to create an impact in the world through the digital marketing field, Dipeeka Saboo, a digital marketer herself and founder of Curiousmind Consulting, a digital marketing agency in Guwahati, started an initiative called Impacting The World.

Developed with the help and guidance of other digital marketeers like herself, this initiative aims to help NGOs in every possible way.

"A lot of NGOs need awareness in the work they are doing so that they could have an impact on the entire community they are working for," she said while speaking about the initiative with The Story Mug.

"With every added project an NGO does, it has a cascading effect on the world. I started the project impacting the world to help raise awareness about leadership and raise money," she added.

Through this project, she's inviting all NGOs to use professional services and strategies as a project for free, and she's also asking aspiring digital marketers to join them so that they can reach out and help many more NGOs.

Content marketing, digital fundraising, social media and website audits, and so on are all examples of the tactics that are deployed under this initiative.

Quite a few NGOs have already yielded benefits of this initiative.

In the list of NGOs, that have yielded gold through this initiative, the name of Shishu Sarothi comes at the top. This 37-year-old NGO dedicated to empowering the lives of the disabled, delivered a set of digital and content strategies, including authority building through content, digital marketing strategies for fund-raising, and empowering social and website presence through audits, etc.

In addition, they have delivered their project to Junior Chamber International (JCI) by providing strategies regarding Social Presence, Content strategies for promoting their project in both Social and training & development related areas, as well as how to create a connection with the potential Target audience in order to expand their work and create more leaders, among other things.

Robin Sharma, another digital marketer and founder of Digi Adzo, speaking about the initiative, said, "As IT and digital marketing professionals, our lives constantly revolve around meeting deadlines and delivering deliverables to our clients, and we become so busy in this process that we rarely get time to contribute to our society."

"However, most of us wish to do so, provided we get a suitable medium. This is where the project Impacting The World to assist NGOs worldwide in their digital strategies—proves to be the perfect platform. Creating and implementing digital strategies for NGOs is ideally suited to our profession," he added.

"When I was pitched about this noble initiative by Dipeeka Saboo, I instantly decided to jump in and contribute to the best of my capacity. Any magnitude of assistance, small or big, be it creating websites, handling social media campaigns, improving online presence in Google can push the NGOs in spreading out their message to the society and grow in the digital world which is ultimately the need of the hour," he further said.

"And by helping them in this process using our skills, we feel fortunate to contribute to the upliftment of our society, which otherwise is missed due to to the busy world we live in. Digital Age is Here and so exciting to be a part of this project which is making the NGOs digital ready and grow bigger and better the busy world we live in," he added.

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