Emuthi Puthi
Emuthi Puthi team with students and faculty of Bhattadev University

Emuthi Puthi: Northeast's First iPhone Movie

June 10, 2022

After the massive success of Aamis and Kothanodi, acclaimed filmmaker and writer Bhaskar Hazarika is back with his latest Emuthi Puthi.

Directed by Kulanandini Mahanta and produced by Shyam Bora, with Hazarika's script and story, Emuthi Puthi has an enable cast of Kenny Basumatary, Neetali Das, Pratibha Chaudhary, Srishti Sharma, Rubul Bora, and Manoj Baishya.

At a Workshop On Filmmaking at the Department of Mass Communication & Journalism, Bhattadev University, on June 9, 2022, director Mahanta said that Emuthi Puthi would fully entertain the audience.

"Over 50% cast and crew of the movie is female, which is an attempt to promote women empowerment and gender equality," Mahanta added.

"Emuthi Puthi is entirely shot on iPhone- a first in the northeast," she informed.

"The movie will hit the theatres on June 17, 2022, and I request everyone to visit a theatre near you and enjoy the movie," she appealed.

"The movie won't be made available on OTT as of now," she said.

Emuthi Puthi is the story of a rebellious teenager Ritika, who needs money to escape home. But, at the same time, her eccentric granny Makhoni wants to travel 500 kilometres in search of a mythical fish.

They elope together but are chased by one very harried police woman - Makhoni's daughter and Ritika's mother, Indira.

What happens next will be known after the movie is released.

It has been observed that Assamese filmmakers and crew have been visiting colleges and universities to interact with young students, promote their films and pull this generation to the theatres. This effort is commendable, and we all should applaud their efforts.

Let's not miss this film and shower our love and affection.

Watch the trailer of Emuthi Puthi here.

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