For Artist Lalita Barman, The World Is A Canvas

April 29, 2021

Lalita Barman is an innovative artist who has been interested in art and hues right from a young age. The casual admiration for the trade became intense as time passed and when she won a few medals and prizes at a couple of competitions during her school days, the interest and the confidence grew by manifolds.

Lalita Barman may be a self-taught and a self-trained artist, however, her artworks speak volume about the love and admiration she has for nature.

Instead of following a group path, she likes to experiment with her work and each time she learns a thing or a two once she completes her new artwork.

t has been a pleasure to feature this young and talented artist during this interview and know more about her journey and plans for the longer term.


Lalita, which was the first work that made you pat your own back?

The very first painting that I made on a ceramic tile using only poster colours and without a brush (because I did not have any professional kit with me) brought me the happiness of completion.

What drives you into creating new artwork every time?

I love to play with colours and try something new whenever I can buy a bit of "me time".

I think painting is one of the most beautiful channels through which one can express one's feelings.

How would you describe your artwork?

My random experiment with colours that resulted in something that I can have the pleasure of being its creator.

What topics do you like to paint on?

I mostly do landscapes featuring the elements that bring colour to my imagination.

Once completed does your opinion about the artwork changes if you keep looking at it for long? If so, what's it?

No. I take much care while creating artwork and once I'm done, I stop comparing it.

The reason behind calling your brand shapes_nd _shades?

For me, any artwork is a well-described play of objects and shadows,  displayed through the wide ranges of colours we see. Hence, I opted for the name that would convey the same meaning as Assamese words Chaya and Kaya do.

From hobby to profession, how has been the transition like?

To be able to call me a professional, there's still a long way to go and so far I've only had the taste of being in the beginner's phase.

However, I receive a lot of support from my friends who usually give real feedback as well as promote my artworks on social media.

Does your approach differ when you art for self and art for a client?

It depends on what I'm trying to create. If it's something meant to express my feelings only....definitely it will differ from anything I would do at the clients' request.

I prioritise the basis of creation, although the effort and enthusiasm remains the same all the time

Tell me something about the artwork made on stones?  How did you get the idea?

It was truly experimental when I did it for the first time. I could find a source of happiness when I was able to transform the look of these stones, just by painting my imagination on them with all the colours on my palette.

Drawing on a paper or a canvas and drawing on a stone- which is your favourite?

Drawing on a canvas and drawing on a stone is my favourite.

Does your work reflect any of your unexpressed emotions?

Yes, sometimes it does

Lalita, if I would ask you to close your eyes and think of a particular painting of yours, what would be that be?

If I close my eyes and think of a particular painting of mine, then that would be a painting of a  landscape, which I made on an eggshell. I found something cute.

An artwork by Lalita Barman

How do you prepare yourself when you begin a new assignment?

Before I begin on a new assignment, the very first thing I do is to decide on the medium on which I will put my focus - i.e. whether it would be acrylic or watercolour, oil pastel, or digital.

Then I would get my supplies and then I would decide as to what I would paint first.

Who has inspired you the most?

Very few people have inspired me in my life so far and it's only my mother and another very special person who has been my biggest inspirations and they have always encouraged me in this journey thus far.

Do you read about art, colour, and paintings?

Yes, I do read about art, colours and paintings.

An artwork by Lalita Barman

What are your plans for the future?

As of now, my only plan for the future is to learn as much as possible and then only I will think about my further moves.

And as her message for the readers of The Story Mug, Lalita Barman urges all to never give up and move ahead in life with focus and determination.

"Remind yourselves constantly as to where you finally want to be," she says.

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