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Goru Movie Review: When Identity Is A Mismatch

The movie makes us ponder deeply on several issues from our lives and doesn't bore even for a second. This movie certainly deserves your attention. Don't miss it!

January 22, 2021

What would you do when your identity becomes the apple of discord- for your existence and also for the existence of others surrounding you?

How would you react when a trivial matter is blown out of proportion and the world uses it against you to fulfil their vested interests?

Should someone else's poisoned mind and would be a reason to axe your two-decade-old friendship?

These are few of the basic questions that the latest Assamese film Goru brings forth.

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Even though it has not received a theatrical release, however, Goru directed by Himanshu Prasad Das becomes the first Assamese film to release after the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown was lifted.

The film was released at the historic Kumar Bhaskar Natya Mandir in Guwahati on January 22, 2021.

The last Assamese film to release was Amrita Gogoi starter Pratighat on December 6, 2019.

However, its theatrical run was cut short due to the anti-CAA protests in the state.

Like Das' earlier films, Goru also speaks about a burning social issue, sans the rhetoric.

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In India, the cow is regarded as the holiest of all animals and killing or abusing it is considered a crime.

Rifts between communities that consume beef and those who don't have hogged the limelight in the recent past and we are also aware of several politicians who use cow-associated sentiments to fulfil their vested interests.

Himanshu Prasad Das' Goru also speaks about these issues, however, in the most subtle way and (repeating) SANS THE RHETORIC!

Here the animal is just a metaphor to the thousands and millions of negative thoughts and feelings we have for the person whom we consider our friend or a close associate.

In reality, however, these considerations are brittle. A feeble push is enough to break these into pieces. Through Goru, the filmmaker has brought out this human nature almost brilliantly.

Life is easier when we let go of the trivial things of life. The movie focusses on this aspect of human nature without any fluke.

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The most important part that Goru touches upon is the identity mismatch and the subsequent problems that arise because of it.

These issues not only harm us but also affect the people around us in particular and the society in general.

How a simple identity mistake can lead to a chaotic situation and social unrest is portrayed flawlessly by the filmmaker via Goru.

Overall Goru is an entertaining film that delivers an apt message, which, I feel, is the call of the hour.

The movie makes us ponder deeply on several issues from our lives and doesn't bore even for a second.

The actors have delivered the knock-out punch with their easy-going and natural performances.

While watching the film the performances that we witness are that of the characters and not the actors.

This movie certainly deserves your attention. Don't miss it!


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