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Grand Bihu Performance In New Delhi By 2026: Assam CM

July 2, 2023

To surpass their record-breaking Bihu dance performance earlier this year, Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma has announced plans to organise a grand event in New Delhi before 2026.

Sarma shared this news while speaking at a function held in Dibrugarh to honour the participants of the historic Bihu performance, where they were presented with citations and cash incentives.

The Assam government orchestrated a mesmerising Bihu dance programme on April 13, 2023, which attracted over 11,000 dancers and drummers.

This awe-inspiring display earned them two Guinness World Records: one for the largest Bihu dance performance in a single venue and another for the largest 'dhol' recital, a traditional percussion instrument, in a single venue.

The event received widespread acclaim from national and international media, acting as a testament to the cultural prowess of Assam and its people.

Chief Minister Sarma expressed his determination to showcase the splendour of Bihu on an even grander scale.

He envisions a Bihu performance in New Delhi featuring approximately 25,000 'Bihua' and 'Bihuwati' (drummers and dancers) to surpass their previous achievements.

Although he refrained from disclosing a specific date, Sarma affirmed that this monumental event would occur before 2026.

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Sarma further emphasised the impact of the Bihu performance, stating that it served as a global platform to promote Assam's culture, costumes, and talent.

"With the celebration of the 400th birth anniversary of Lachit Borphukan in New Delhi, there has been a new inclination among people to know more about the patriot. A book exclusively on Lachit Borphukan was published, and an attempt has been made to translate it into different regional languages," Sarma said.

He emphasised that the state government would take steps to release the book in every state and introduce a lesson on Borphukan in the curriculum of other states.

Additionally, Sarma divulged plans to erect a statue of Borphukan in Jorhat, which would rank among the country's most imposing statues once completed.

The Chief Minister emphasised the importance of harnessing the productive potential of Assam's youth to transform the state into one of the most developed regions.

With the Chief Minister's ambitious plans for a dazzling Bihu extravaganza in New Delhi, Assam is poised to captivate the nation again, showcasing the rich heritage and vibrant traditions that define this remarkable northeastern state.

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