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Minister Pijush Hazarika during inspection. Courtesy | Twitter/ Pijush Hazarika

Assam CM Spearheads Efforts To Protect Deepor Beel

July 12, 2023

Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma has taken decisive action to safeguard Deepor Beel, a vital contributor to the ecological balance surrounding Guwahati.

To preserve its heritage, beauty, and distinctiveness of the only Ramsar site of the state, efforts are underway to raise the lake's water level to 1.5 metres.

Following CM Sarma's unwavering leadership, Assam Water Resource Minister Pijush Hazarika conducted an inspection visit to Khanamukh on July 12, 2023.

The visit aimed to assess the implementation of arrangements that would facilitate water entry into Deepor Beel through a newly constructed sluice gate.

Deepor Beel, a wetland of international importance located southwest of Guwahati, has been facing ecological challenges due to a declining water level.

Under CM Sarma's guidance, the current administration recognises the significance of this unique ecosystem and aims to address the issue while maintaining its ecological balance.

Minister Hazarika's visit to Khanamukh focused on evaluating the effectiveness of the arrangements to enable controlled water entry into the lake. Implementing the sluice gate will increase the regulated water level, ultimately reaching 1.5 metres.

This strategic measure aims to restore Deepor Beel's natural habitat and support its diverse flora and fauna.

Chief Minister Sarma has emphasised preserving Deepor Beel's heritage and distinctiveness throughout the conservation efforts.

By maintaining the delicate balance between ecological restoration and cultural preservation, the government seeks to ensure the long-term sustainability of this unique wetland.

The initiatives undertaken by the Assam government under the dynamic leadership of Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma demonstrate a strong commitment to environmental conservation.

The efforts to safeguard Deepor Beel will benefit the local ecosystem and contribute to the overall ecological well-being of the region.

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