The Great Khali
The Great Khali

Great Khali Becomes Maithan Steel's Brand Ambassador

October 2, 2020

Maithan Steel has unveiled its revamped identity of ‘Nirmaan Ka Maandand’ with the launch of a new advertising campaign starring The Great Khali- the former World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) champion.

The Indian wrestler is an epitome of enormous strength in the country and beyond.

On its completion of almost two decades in venturing into iron and steel industry, Maithan Steel has taken an initiative to educate the consumers about today’s market with the new TVC.

During the post-Covid era, considering the significant transition in the market especially in terms of consumers’ increasing propensity to buy more ‘value-centric &samajdar’ products, the company is focusing full-fledged on highlighting its strong, flexible and smart product profile.

While iron and steel commodities are the backbones of the strength of people’s home, most Indian consumers are not much aware when it comes to the choice of right TMT.

Maithan Steel is aiming to drive mass consumer awareness through the TVC, Press and Digital in association with Khali.

The Great Khali, who is one of the greatest wrestlers in the world and an eminent power icon of the country will educate and inspire consumers on purchasing strong steel like that of Maithan Steel.

The TVC talks about the quality and state-of-the-art technology that makes Maithan Steel as one of the strongest steel available in the market, resonating the same with Khali’s strength.

Maithan Steel has collaborated with The Great Khali to reestablish the core value of the brand’s strength to enable the consumers to make a ‘Strong, Flexible and Samajhdaar’ choice.

Using high strength Maithan TMT600 bars requires 20 per cent less consumption of steel without compromising on its strength as Maithan Steel is of FE 600 grade – thus it leads to 20 per cent more savings, less manpower needed making it the Samajhdar choice for consumers and its trade partners.


Conceptualized by 82.5 Communications, the TVC will go live in Hindi, Bengali and Assamese, majorly targeting markets of Eastern and North-Eastern India.

The campaign will be promoted through print media, outdoor advertisements and television channels along with the digital platforms of Maithan Steel.

Eyeing at the huge opportunity in the iron and steel market, Maithan Steel aims to reestablish its position of strength and value with The Great Khali.

Maithan has a prominent presence in markets like Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, Eastern UP along with North-eastern states, comprising a total 3 per cent market share in Eastern India.

As Maithan Steel stands out for its value-based product relating to strong TMT, bringing a personality who is an epitome of strength and core values, will create an impact amongst the consumers to position Maithan as the most consumer-preferred brand.

In the campaign, The Great Khali partnering with ‘Maithan Man, which is a brand mascot expounding the philosophy of Maithan Steel.

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