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Guwahati Lockdown To Be Stricter: Police

June 29, 2020

The new 14-day period of Guwahati lockdown, which began from Sunday midnight, is going to be stricter than before the city police warned.

No violators will be spared during this 14-day Guwahati lockdown and to ensure total lockdown, the police have taken up a number of measures.

The police will be using five drones for surveillance and see that no one violates the lockdown norms.

The drones will keep a close watch round-the-clock in the COVID-19 sensitive areas like Panbazar, Fancy Bazar, Fatasil and others.

"Along with the drones, police forces will keep round-the-clock surveillance in every location of the city," said Police Commissioner Munna Prasad Gupta while addressing the media earlier on Sunday.

"We have already made public announcements to make the people aware of the lockdown," Gupta added.

"There will be no compromise in the 14-day lockdown period this time," Gupta further said.

"Any violation of the lockdown will attract legal action as per the Disaster Management Act and IPC,” he added.

The Police Commissioner also informed that a special strategy has been formulated this time for the lockdown.

"Additional forces will also be engaged," Gupta added.

Moreover, the Assam government has directed both district and police administration of Guwahati to strictly implement the lockdown norms.

"Any negligence of the same will attract immediate punishment to the enforcers as well," sources said.

"Traffic personnel will be on duty for 24 hours at every point connecting bye-lanes with main roads," informed Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Mayank Kumar Jha.

"People with a medical emergency and those who have already booked flight or train tickets will be allowed by the police to move in the city," Jha said.

"Media persons and newspaper distribution activities have also been exempted from the lockdown," Jha added.

The health department also plans to collect swab samples from as many people as possible during this lockdown period.

The department has already set up testing and counselling centres in every ward of the city and 500 samples a day are being collected daily by the health workers.

Guwahati will soon have rapid testing facilities and these will be set up in these centres itself.

"Anyone can come for COVID-19 test to a nearby centre during the lockdown days," said a senior health official.

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