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Kenny Basumatary Is Back With Assamese Stand-Up Comedy Series On Reeldrama

May 28, 2021

Popular Assamese actor-cum-director Kenny Basumatary is back with his latest Assamese stand-up comedy series- Haahit Petor Bikh- which is currently streaming on Reeldrama.

Apart from Kenny Basumatary himself, the show also has comic pieces by veterans like Rajib Kro and Dr Anjan Jyoti Choudhury and young and talented funnymen like Saju Ahmed and Tamak Ranjan Dutta.

The idea of Haahit Petor Bikh’ was contemplated and introduced by Reeldrama- a popular OTT platform dedicated to Assamese content.

The creative team at Reeldrama, along with the director and executive producer of the show, took part in several brainstorming sessions discussing its feasibility and success probability, while coming up with the funny entertaining series.

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Sharing his experience in creating the show, director Kenny Basumatary said: We asked some of our friends to come over as audience and we were all laughing throughout the shoot."

"Just like in the title, our stomachs were literally aching from laughing by the end of the day," he added

The executive producer of the show, Anupam Baishya added that an Assamese stand-up comedy show like this is very new to audiences.

“We have seen skits, mimicry shows etc in Assamese but solo comedy performances on screen are very rare," he added.

"We really had a tough time to find and get artists on board. But once they were in, we successfully got 32 fantastic episodes of laughter riot," Baishya further said.

"We asked all the artists to transform their life experiences into scripts and thus created this unique show in terms of content," he added.

"All the positive feedback is boosting us to go for further seasons of Haahit Petor Bikh," he said.

It is worth mentioning here that Reeldrama is a dedicated OTT platform with loads of Assamese content.

The platform hosts movies from different genres, web series, shows from the field of music, comedy, poetry, cookery and devotion.

One can visit the Reeldrama website or download the Reeldrama app from Google Play Store or Apple Appstore and enjoy the wide range of content.

Reeldrama app is globally accessible and is available on Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Firestick and Roku.

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