Landscape Photography by Jiban Mazumder

As the sun goes down

Landscape Photography by Jiban Mazumder


Landscape Photography by Jiban Mazumder

The golden gust

Landscape Photography by Jiban Mazumder

By the riverside

Landscape Photography by Jiban Mazumder

The rush of a busy evening


The art of capturing pictures of nature and the outdoors in such a way that takes the viewers right to the scene and make them feel the beauty of it is what we generally call landscape photography.

Landscape photography is all about capturing grand landscapes to intimate details and it demonstrates the photographer’s own connection to nature.

He tries and captures the essence of the world around him the way he sees and perceives it.

Landscape photography is arguably the most famous and common genre of photography. Any person who has ever clicked a photograph in life is sure to have clicked one shot of nature or that of a flower or of some beautiful landscape.

Landscapes attract every person, mostly because of their vastness and grandeur.

Landscape photography, however, is not as simple as it may seem and a lot of hard work is involved in getting that perfect shot.

A photographer needs to keep an eye on a lot of things like the perfect frame, the perfect lighting condition, location and yes, of course, the best camera settings.

Proper post-processing is also an important factor in getting the best landscape shot.

This particular photo essay has been submitted to The Story Mug by Jiban Mazumder of Guwahati, who is a passionate photographer.

He was declared a winner in Lens Speak: Capture What You See- an online photography competition organised by The Story Mug on the occasion of World Photography Day, 2021, in the Landscape Photography category.

He loves capturing nature as he draws his inspiration from nature, which motivates him to face and chase every challenge in life.

He is also the admin of Foodiepantia popular Facebook group that has over 12,000 avid food lovers of the region as members. 

Apart from food and photography, Mazumder is also associated with several social works.

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