Egg Tower
A screengrab of the video showing Mohammed Abelhameed Mohammed Muqbel of Yemen while building his egg tower. Courtesy: Instagram

Man Builds Egg Tower, Creates Guinness Record

June 19, 2020

We have seen people build card towers and ball towers, but surely we have neither heard nor seen someone building an egg tower!

But Mohammed Abelhameed Mohammed Muqbel from Yemen not only built an egg tower but also created a Guinness World Records by becoming the man to have stacked most eggs on top of each other.

The rare feat has been shared by the Guinness World Records in its official Instagram handle.

"Have you ever seen anything like this before?!" the caption under the video where Mohammed Abelhameed Mohammed Muqbel is seen stacking one egg atop another.

Mohammed Abelhameed Mohammed Muqbel stacked three eggs to built an egg tower and achieve this rare feat as we are sure you must have never seen such a feat earlier.

"The most eggs stacked is 3 and was achieved by Mohammed Abelhameed Mohammed Muqbel (Yemen), in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on 10 April 2020," the caption further states.

"Mohammed Abelhameed was able to identify each egg's centre of mass and stack them exactly so that the combined centre of mass of the three eggs was situated directly above the very small base of the stack," the caption added.



"This required high concentration, patience and practice - do you have what it takes to break the record?! Please don't waste any eggs!" the Guinness World Records' handle ends the caption.

The video is incredibly fascinating to watch and it evoked a wide range of responses from different Instagram users.

"Wow! This was super eggciting!!" wrote an Instagram user.

"Before this video, I did not even know you could stack eggs on each other," wrote a second user.

In another comment, a user wrote, "I was scared to even move my phone."

"I'm egg-cited," wrote another user.

So, what is your reaction after watching the video? Egg-cited?

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