Mass Communication
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Beyond Boundaries: An Ode To Mass Communication

October 13, 2023

In streams of signals, stories flow,

Through wires and waves, they swiftly go.

Masses connected, a global sea,

Through screens and speakers, they all agree.


Words and images, a dance in the air,

Boundless reach, beyond compare.

From news to art, ideas take flight,

Through mass communication, they find their light.


Cameras capture moments, frozen in time,

Words weave tales, both subtle and sublime.

Broadcasters, writers, voices diverse,

Crafting narratives, they disperse.


In pixels and print, the world takes shape,

Ideas spark, and minds awake.

Through channels wide, connections thrive,

Mass communication, the heartbeat of my life.


In waves that dance from radio towers tall,

The world awakens to a timeless call.

TV screens light up with vibrant scenes,

A pile of stories, woven in dreams.


Mobile in hand, a satellite to the skies,

News in our pocket, a constant prize.

From dawn till dusk, and through the night,

The world unfolds in pixels bright.


Newspapers unfurl, ink-stained and wise,

Capturing moments, truths and lies.

The press, a guardian, a sentinel bold,

Unearthing stories, untold and old.


Through satellites and wires, messages race,

From place to place, in endless space.

Social media's chorus, loud and clear,

Voices rising, dispelling fear.


Podcasts, blogs, a symphony wide,

Ideas take root, and worlds collide.

Mass communication, a powerful force,

Guiding our paths, setting our course.


Mobile in hand, we're never alone,

A digital compass, a virtual home.

News at our fingertips, a river that flows,

From distant lands, the story it shows.


Let us honor this gift we possess,

The power to inform, to educate, to entertain.

With radio, TV, mobile, and more,

Through mass communication, a lot of knowledge we gain.


So let us celebrate this age we're in,

Where mass communication always weaves and spins.

Radio, Television, mobile, and news,

The threads that bind us, the tales that amuse.

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