Meghalaya CM inaugurates Mawlyndep Community Center

Meghalaya CM Inaugurates Mawlyndep Community Center And BioFloc Fish Tanks

November 22, 2021

 Meghalaya Chief Minister Conrad Sangma on November 20, 2021, inaugurated the Mawlyndep Community Centre and BioFloc Fish Tanks in Mawlyndep Village, Ri Bhoi district.

Speaking during the inauguration Chief Minister Conrad Sangma said that the Mawlyndep Community Centre is one of the best Community centres of the state.

Congratulating the people of Mawlyndep the Chief Minister said that the Center is a beautiful example of the villagers coming together.

He said that Mawlyndep has a potential for Tourism and can be developed into a Tourism road circuit having many resorts, restaurants and other Tourism facilities along the stretch.

Meghalaya CM inaugurates Mawlyndep Community Center

He further said that the 15 crores that have been sanctioned by the World Bank for the development of the road leading to Mawmaram will boost Tourism in the area.

The Mawmaram to NEPA Junction is a project of 64 crores covering a length of 41.527 km under MITP, expected to be completed by November 2024 [42 months].

The Mawlyndep Community Center is partially funded by the Chief Minister’s Special Development Fund.

Inaugurating the BioFloc Fish Tanks he said that the highest consumption of meat in the state is fish, consuming about 30,000 metric tons of fish annually.

“The state produces only about 50 per cent of the total consumption, so there is a huge gap in the demand and supply,” he said.

He added that the livelihood and the income that can be generated by using such kind of technology will not only meet the demand but can change lives thereby improving also the economy of the state.

The Chief Minister also handed over the ODF Certificate to Mawlyndep.

The village has been conferred with an ODF Plus Certificate for having been able to sustain the gains on becoming ODF that had been achieved through adequate accessibility to toilet facilities and usage and for progressing to higher standards of sanitation status by having systematic community-managed waste management arrangements both at household and institutional level characterised by optimum visual cleanliness in the village surroundings.

It may be mentioned that Mawlyndep village is one of the villages adopted by Rajya Sabha MP Dr WR Kharlukhi.

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