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Meghalaya CM Urges Union Education Minister To Conduct Special CUET Exam For State's Students

July 4, 2023

Meghalaya Chief Minister Conrad Sangma, has appealed to the Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan, seeking his intervention in conducting a special Common University Entrance Test (CUET) examination for students of Meghalaya who were unable to appear for the exam due to the allocated examination centres being located outside the state.

The request was made to the Ministry of Education and the National Testing Agency (NTA).

In response to the inconvenience numerous students face, Chief Minister Sangma urged the Union Education Minister to issue the necessary directives to the Ministry of Education and NTA, emphasising the importance of ensuring equal opportunities for all students in Meghalaya.

He highlighted the need for conducting a special CUET examination exclusively for those who missed the initial exam due to the unavailability of examination centres within the state.

Furthermore, the Meghalaya government has also appealed to the Central government to consider the establishment of CUET centres in all twelve state districts.

This proposal suggests setting up examination centres within educational institutions possessing the adequate infrastructure and testing facilities required for the CUET examination.

The initiative to establish CUET centres across Meghalaya's districts aims to address the issue of students being inconvenienced by the unavailability of examination centres within the state.

By ensuring accessibility to examination centres in all twelve districts, the government intends to provide a fair and equal opportunity for students residing in different parts of Meghalaya to appear for the CUET examination.

The Chief Minister Sangma's appeal emphasises the importance of holding the CUET examination for all deserving students, regardless of their location.

It emphasises the commitment of the Meghalaya government to promote quality education and equal opportunities in the state.

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The Ministry of Education and the NTA are expected to review the appeal made by the Chief Minister of Meghalaya and consider the feasibility of conducting a special CUET examination for the affected students.

The decision to establish CUET centres in all twelve districts will require careful evaluation and coordination between the central and state governments, educational institutions, and the NTA.

As the matter gains attention, students and parents across Meghalaya await a favourable response from the Union Education Minister and relevant authorities, hopeful that their concerns will be addressed and necessary steps will be taken to ensure the smooth conduct of the CUET examination in the state.

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