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Monuj Borkotoky's Short Film Daai Sublimely Speaks About Life And Relationships

April 11, 2021

Daai (Uncle)- the highly anticipated short film directed by Monuj Borkotoky- premiered on YouTube on April 11 and is currently streaming at the official channel of Pocket Films- Indian Short Films.

Daai is a story of a 55-year-old unmarried man (Devi Borkotoky) who lives in a village somewhere in Assam along with his (elder) sister-in-law Podumi (Bina Patangia) and niece Pokhi (Ranjita Boruah).

Daai, as Borkotoky is called by the villagers, is an artist who performs Bhaona apart from playing a few musical instruments like the flute.

The short film chronicles various chapters of life that one person often comes across in life at some stage.

The story of Daai is a reflection of our lives and the choices we make. It is about the things that we should prioritise and ignore. It is about love, understanding and the emotional and unconditional bondings that we share with our close ones, without thinking as to how we are expressing it.

The film also touches on the most important issue that everyone faces at some point in time- should we give importance to others' opinion about us or should we continue trusting the person we have been throughout our lives? And when we are clueless in such a situation and we don't know as to what should we believe, then what should matter the most for us- the observation of that third person or the opinion of that person who has known us inside out?

Daai is a meticulously directed short film, which is simple and it has natural and rooted performances.

There is no exaggeration and each scene has been shot with utmost simplicity and honesty.

Daai, in my opinion, is one of those short films which will remain with you for a period of time.

I highly recommend you to watch this film. To watch it, click here.

Cast & Crew

Director: Monuj Borkotoky

Producer: Bhupen Gogoi, Subanti Borkotoky

Cinematographer/Dop: Chida Bora

Editor: Prodip Paul

Music: Bibhuti Gogoi

Screenplay: Monuj Borkotoky

Sound Design: Manas Protim Goswami

Sound Mix: Hengul Medhi

Marketing: Abhijit Laskar

Casting: Monuj Borkotoky

Di Colorist: Sujit Borah


Daai: Devi Borkotoky

Pokhi: Ranjita Boruah

Podumi: Bina Patangia

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