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Mother Dogs Envy Their Daughters?

April 7, 2020

Dogs are the master of a man and they teach us lessons that we will never get to learn in any institution anywhere in the world.

The above line is just a symbolic line, kindly don't brood over it much!

Have you ever heard a mother envying her child; especially if the child is a girl?

Whenever a daughter is born in a family, the happiest of all is the mother and this I am saying from after meeting all the happy mothers around me.

"My daughter is my image and she will represent me in the future," is what most mothers say when a girl is born to her.

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But, this might be the case for everyone and there exist some mothers who "envy" their daughter(s) for reasons known to them only.

"Mother envying her daughter? The writer is crazy," is something definite that the people might be saying in their minds after reading so far.

Hold on! If you want to know the truth, then please complete the article, else you can leave and this will certainly break my heart.

What is applicable in the human world, is not applicable in the animals' world I suppose, especially in the world of dogs!

The year was 2016 when I got my first puppy- a female cross.

I named her Fudgy and within no time she became the darling of our family.

Initially, my mother was apprehensive of keeping her, but gradually she became more frond of Fudgy.

Fudgy's spent her entire childhood (first 6-8) months with me.

During the day she used to spend outdoors on the terrace, but during the nights she used to sleep with me.

I had no ownership on my bed.

Time went by and Fudgy became mother thrice.

The puppies from her first birth were all adopted, while the puppies from her second and third birth continue to live with me.

Now, she gave birth to a male and a female the second time and both are around one-and-a-half-year-old.

The male is named Bitu and the female Mitu.

The problem starts when I caress Mitu.

As soon as I shower some love on Mitu, Fudgy comes running and starts barking at Mitu and even attacks her.

Once the fight became so fierce that Fudgy almost bit her nose off.

However, my timely intervention saved the day.

Dogs are not just a man's best friend, but also the most valuable teacher.

What lessons my dogs are trying to tell me, only time will reveal.

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