Photography of a Barking Deer

Barking Deer

Photography of stork

Black-Necked Stork


Black Panther And Leopard Face-Off

Awesome photography of Black Panther

Black Panther

Crocodile photography


Eurasian Hoopoe


Glossy Ibis

Indian Roller

One-Horned Rhino

Red Vented Bulbul

Red Wattled Lapwing

White-Throated Kingfisher

Royal Bengal Tiger

Grey Heron

Oriental Honey Buzzard

Photography From The Wild And The Urban Wild is a collection of photographs shared with The Story Mug by Rupankar Bhattacharjee- a wildlife enthusiast who looks after the social media of the Assam State Zoo-cum-Botanical Garden.

He also runs an interesting hiking and trail programme named Inside Out Natural Trails, about which we will get to know later on.

Rupankar has always been fascinated by birds and as a child, he has loved watching kites, crows etc, especially when they would fly high up in the sky opposite to the wind direction.

"The wind resisting them back and that struggling pause amazed me and that's how the thought of capturing these moments came into my mind," Rupankar further said.

"Nature's beauty and spirit are what I capture and that's how I got addicted to photography," he added.

"As a crude beginner, I am giving my soul in learning and polishing my photographic skills and I am also professionally engaged in Wildlife Documentary filmmaking for the last 1.5 years," he further said.

"Wildlife has always amazed me. Snakes, birds and turtles became my interest areas and top my priority list," he added.

"I chose the platform of YouTube to share my day-to-day learning experiences in the wildlife field through my channel," he further said.

Follow Rupankar Bhattacharjee on Facebook and enjoy wildlife photography.

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