Photography is all about passion

The golden rush

Photography is all about passion

Kingdom of the monk

Photography is all about passion

Road more trodden

Photography is all about passion

Life in the fast lane

Photography is all about passion as if you are not passionate about what you are going to click or photograph, it will never come out good.

You may own the world's best camera, but if you do not show dedication and passion to what you are capturing then the ned results will always be disappointing.

Photography Is About Framing The Dots is a photo essay contributed to The Story Mug by a passionate photo enthusiast Bhargab Sarma.

An engineer by profession, Bhargab loves photography and he is also a die-hard Manchester United fan.

"I am not a photographer, rather you can say I treasure the moments through my lens for myself so that I can cherish the moments gone by in the future by looking at the photographs," Bhargab said while interacting with The Story Mug.

"Life is too short to lament and regret on the tragedies of the past but it is large to enjoy every moment to the fullest. I believe in enjoying it," he added.

Apart from photography and football, Bhargab also loves travelling, watching movies, and carries a strong view and opinion about the happenings around him.

This is his second contribution for The Story Mug and you can view his previous photo essay here.

You can also follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and know more about his photography and his philosophies and views about life.

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You won't be disappointed!

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