PR Investments Need Professional Evaluation
PR Investments Need Professional Evaluation

PR Investments Require Professional Evaluation

October 13, 2019

Focus on evaluation and measurement soars high when one invests a substantial amount in its marketing and Public Relations (PR) activities.

Measurement and evaluation, however, remain a weakness of the industry overall.

Buyers are looking for improved methods for public relations to be viewed credibly by other functional departments, like marketing, sales and financial.

The lack of clear insight for achieving communication objectives leads to uncertain and unguided decisions.

The absence of a measurement framework limits the improvement of returns obtained through the investments made. 

In such cases, the need for a media analytics platform/forum becomes an utmost necessity.

Psalesanalytics is a media analytics platform that enables brand marketers, PR experts and CEOs to proceed ahead with confident decision making on their marketing investments. 

A compact solution for gaining actionable insights in for improvising the returns of marketing and media investments.  

An in-depth data per cent for understanding the gap, measurable improvements, and fact-based investments.

Psalesanalytics inspire to improve the quality of communications and create an optimized match between the required efforts and desired outcomes.

Being a combination of technical expertise, analytics, and marketing, Psalesanalytics empowers for a successful campaign, detailed coverage inputs and measurable improvements.

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An end to end marketing, Psalesanalytics brings its capabilities to value-driven marketing and consumer experience.

A consumer experience analyses to gain the underlying inputs and turn into potential visualization.

Psalesanalytics delivers actionable insights for omnichannel consumer experience.

It was founded by Chiranjeeb Bora, an enterprise tech professional who has worked with multiple domains and dealt with renowned global organizations.

Gaining the early traction of customers Psalesanalytics have worked with top FMCG brands like MokshAgarbatti for media outreach campaigns for one of their premium products.

Based out of Guwahati, PsalesAnalytics, started its operation in Bangalore and works with PAN India business organizations. 

“Considering the increasing market opportunity for earned media, PR and programmatic & targeted advertising are the fundamental necessity in today’s media and advertising landscape,” says Bora.

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