Water wars in an Assamese short film

Precious: A Short Film That Reflects Water Wars With A Horror Twist

May 9, 2021

War due to water or simple water wars, is the impending truth and we will have to face it, fight it at some point in our life- sooner or later.

Water wars will be fought for sure- irrespective of which class of society we belong to or what our race and ethnicity are.

The rate at which we are destroying water, especially groundwater, the day is not far we will not just fight over a drop of water but will not even hesitate to kill our blood brothers.

Precious, a short film directed, written and edited by Prashamit Chaudhury preciously touches upon this point and the film does deliver the knock-out punch.

Maaruf Bin Rafique's impeccable camera work, Bhargav Talukdar's music and stupendous performance by Debajit Paul and Phillips Neog are equally praiseworthy in establishing the story.

The film begins with Phillips Neog's character walking hastily but stealthily towards a bungalow with a bag in his hand.

On reaching the bungalow he knocks at the main entrance in a code and the door is opened by Debajit Paul- who seems like a watchman/doorman- probably of the same bungalow.

The duo then ransacks the bungalow and collects every valuable that they can get hold of- from cash to jewellery.

The presence of a dead body makes me believe that Neog and Paul's characters were someone close to the family and the one lying dead must have been the caretaker of the bungalow- the third partner in crime and he was killed so that the shareholders of the bounty become less.

Meanwhile, Neog and Paul continue to ransack the house, collecting every valuable and still looking for "the most sought" bounty and they do find it at the end.

When the final bounty is discovered, Neog gets greedier and strangles Paul to death- keeping the bounty all for himself.

Neog finally carries the bounty home to his son, who claps in joy to see it.

The bounty for which Neog killed Paul was a bottle of drinking water!

The best part of Precious was the lack of dialogues. Being a performance-driven film, you need to keep yourselves engaged to get the message straight.

What the makers tried to portray via Precious is crystal clear- future wars would be fought for water and these water wars won't necessarily be between countries as it could be interpersonal as well.

Water wars are the impending reality and we need to wake up and act as soon as we can- we are already late by several decades.

As per data, Guwahati is on the verge of becoming a dry city by the end of 2022- meaning we have just over a year's water left at our disposal.

Do watch Precious here and think again about the ways you are destroying water!

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