Bhuyan siblings- Rupsikha (Left) and Aparupa (right)

Sketching And Colouring: In Conversation With Two Young Sketch Artists

January 20, 2021

Just like every other kid of my age, I was also attracted towards painting and sketching when I was young. I was enrolled in an art school to hone my skills as well. However, art was never my cuppa of tea and after a few years of this uneventful rendezvous, I left the pencil and the crayons for the good.

Even though I don't sketch or art anymore, however, I am always intrigued by the mesmerising landscapes and sketches that the wonderful souls out there created by the stroke of their brush or a pencil.

And the Bhuyan sisters- Rupsikha Bhuyan and Aparupa Bhuyan- are two such magicians who caught my attention with their detailed artwork.

Even though in their teens, the two siblings have shown immense maturity and hold a tight command over their work.

Excerpts from the interview

What attracted both of you towards sketching?

Aparupa: The ability to do something not everyone can do or more off to the ability to illustrate.

Rupsikha: Personally, drawing and sketching have always been an instinctual thing for me. I've expressed creativity through sketching since a tender age. I don't even remember a time when I wasn't into sketching.

What are the subjects and topics that interest you?

Rupsikha: I have always been into realism in portraits, but as I've grown, I'm trying to explore more colourful and abstract concepts.

Aparupa: I like realism and fictional characters

Have you ever created a series or a particular character(s)?

Rupsikha: No, not really.

Aparupa: I tried but not officially

Who has inspired you the most?

Rupsikha: Almost every artist I have ever come across has inspired me in one way or another.

My friends who are also into art have inspired me to strive to be better.

My parents have also always supported me, which I'm very thankful for.

Aparupa: Several artists that I have come across in social media

Do you ever compete between yourselves?

Aparupa: Not that I've noticed, no.

Rupsikha: Not really. We help each other by exchanging honest feedback and critique on our works. But we haven't ever seriously competed against each other

Any artists who have inspired you?

Aparupa: Yes, young artists who are far ahead of me

Rupsikha: The most classical names in art. Two of them being Vincent Van Gogh and Michelangelo.

Do you wish to pursue art as a career later on?

Aparupa: Yes

Rupsikha: No. I'd rather have art as a hobby I adore than take it up as a career and have my relationship with it change with the expectations that inevitably come with an art career.

What keeps you motivated to draw?

Aparupa: I draw whenever my mind is up to it.

Rupsikha: It's not more about inspiration rather than motivation. I draw whenever inspiration strikes or whenever I have something to express.

Following are some of the sketching work done by the two sisters

Sketching by Aparupa

Sketching by Aparupa

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Sketching by Rupsikha

Sketching by Rupsikha

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