Brewery launched in Guwahati

Terra Mayaa Launches Brewery With Four Specially Crafted Beer

March 9, 2022

Terra Mayaa is all known for its delicious cuisines to great cocktails and perfect ambience one can look for to have a good time with some good food. Divided in three sections- Lounge, Balcony and Deck- one can choose its favourite corner to enjoy. Terra Mayaa is one of the favourite roof-top restaurants of Guwahati. Adding another feather to its hat, Terra Mayaa recently launched its brewery with four types of crafted beer.

One can try mini shots of the beers- Hefeweizen, Kolsch, Belgian Dubbel, Belgian Strong and choose their favourite and order as much as they want.

The brewery is set up by Ishan Grover aka Beer Baba who is not only an expert but a master too in the craft beer industry across the country.

With setting up more than 60 breweries across the country, Beer Baba has finally reached Guwahati Assam and crafted his first-ever North East Project.

Talking to The Story Mug, he quips, “It was very much interesting for me to work in Guwahati, I also believe in Quality and not quantity, on being asked about if he is interested in other projects here, it was very quick to reply even if it one in the state it has to be number one”.

Adding to the details of the workshop, "It Happened for the first time in the city a craft beers workshop held for the social media influencers by Terra Mayaa, an unseen, informative and interesting workshop for all."

Grover aka Beer Baba led the entire workshop and gave a practical tour of ‘How to brew craft beers to the technical aspects of finally tapping the beers in the glass to the importance of beer glasses and so on.

It is interesting to know a total of 21 days is required for the entire process to have a perfect glass of beer in our hands.

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