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Wanting To Relax? Here Are Some Feel-Good Movies For You To Watch

June 21, 2022

Feel-good movies are a great way to keep ourselves motivated and entertained when life becomes challenging.

When one is down and low or feels demotivated most of the time in life, feel-good movies come as a big respite. I am sure most of you enjoy such movies.

Well, if life is hard and pushing you against the wall, then why don't you sit back and enjoy the below-mentioned movies I am recommending to rejuvenate your mind and senses!

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

Three friends, one reunion, a road trip, and a emotional roller-coaster ride-  Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara has everything in it, making it one of the finest feel-good-movies of the last decade.

From ego clashes to emotional breakdowns, from challenging ones fears to overcoming the same, from losing love to finding new romance, this movie has it all.

ZNMD will make you fall in love with life again and I would say it is an extension to Farhan Akhtar's Dil Chahte Hain.

Nothing is permanent in life and ZNMD tells us one thing- Live life when alive, as when dead, there won't be life left anymore!

Kapoor and Sons 

An old man who wants a family picture before he dies, his son and daughter-in-law who keep fighting, and two grandsons who live in different countries trying to make their living and are not on talking terms. A perfect recipe for an Indian dysfunctional family. This and more are served to you with the fun moments added as toppings in this film.

Now, if you too felt that you can't relate to those big budget films of 90's with posh families where all of them are happy together, you will definitely relate to this one.

Dear Zindagi

Kaira is a cinematographer. And, with her ongoing busy life and off-and-on relationships, her mental health goes unchecked which leads her to Jug a psychological counsellor. The film then explores different aspects of her mental health, love life and relationship with her family.

As serious as it sounds Dear Zindagi has its way to make you feel light and happy as you go through it.

Jab We Met

Geet and Aditya are two opposites who meet during a train journey from Mumbai to Bhatinda. What unfolds then is a series of adventures which include train miss and running from home and both of them finally falling in love.

Nothing can make you feel as many emotions as a romantic comedy by Imtiaz Ali.

And, did you know Jab We Met was remade in Hollywood as Leap Year starring Amy Adams and Matthew Goode in the leads?

3 Idiots

The film follows the stories of 3 friends and their journey to live and achieve their dreams while also talking about the ills of the education system.

It came out in 2009 and has been an example of how engineering institutes or Indian education system in general focus on marks more than practical knowledge and has ruined the lives of a lot of students.


With both fun and serious rolled into one, It's an attempt to break the myths around religion and let people.

So, if you like taking a prick on your believes once in a while, this one is definitely for you.

Bareilly Ki Barfi

Bitti, a girl from Bareilly falls in love with the unknown writer of a book she reads and resonates with. The trail to search for him and talk creates a love triangle and a whole lot of ruckus.

Can you really fall in love with someone without meeting them? Watch the film and find out.

Badhai Ho

How will you react if your mother gets pregnant in her 60s? Badhai Ho is a film on the same issue.

Now, one can easily make a film about a taboo topic and feed it to you with all its seriousness. But, only Ayushmann Khurrana can make you laugh while also get you serious about the issue at the same time. This film is Khurrana's just another attempt at it.


This is a horror-comedy and social commentary in disguise. One of the best films in its genre which will crack you up as much as it will haunt you.

When some amazingly hilarious cast gets along in one film, you can't say no for watching it.

Singh is Kinng 

You feel good about yourself when you see someone both creating and solving problems because of his clumsy behaviour. Singh is Kinng is a film which deals with the same thing.

This film is no social commentary or epic storytelling and neither is it trying to be something like that. What it is though, is a fun-filled entertainer for you to just sit, relax and have a great laugh.

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