World Pest Day

World Pest Day: Less For Pests And More For Humans

June 6, 2022

Every year June 6 is observed as World Pest Day, which is also known as World Pest Awareness Bay.

The day is observed to spread awareness about pest management and its benefits for plans and people around.

History Of World Pest Day

The inaugural World Pest Day was observed on June 6, 2017, at Hotel Beijing and it was initiated by the Chinese Pest Control Association.

Other organisations like the Federation of Asian and Oceania Pest Managers Association and the European Pest Management Association joined and came forward to fund the celebrations.

It may be mentioned here that today a total of 30 associations take part in the observance of the day.

These organisations come together and look into the threats caused by pests and chalk out ways to tackle the pest menace.

What Are Pests

Before moving further, let us understand what are pests?

A pest is an animal, insect, plant, or germs that are harmful to humans and their properties. Pests are called vermin.

Well, did you know that a total of  900-million insect types can be pests and all of which can be divided into 4 different categories?

The categories are-

  1. Ants, bees, wasps
  2. Beetles
  3. Moths and butterflies
  4. Flies

Day Is For People, Not Pests

World Pet Day on April 11 is celebrated to acknowledge the presence of pets in our life. Living with pets is harmonious, isn't it? How about living with beetles and moths and flies? Or ants, bees, and wasps?

We know, though it sounds adventurous it won't be harmonious!

As per a study, vector-borne pathogens have increased globally in recent years and there has also been a high percentage of reportage of the diseases transmitted by mosquitoes, ticks, and rodents.

Studies have shown that over 5 billion people worldwide are at risk of one or more vector-borne diseases.

Studies reveal that more than 0.7 million people die annually from vector-borne diseases.

Mitigating pest threats would be possible only if we understand the threats and challenges they pose to us.

One should always remember that pests are harmful

  • Caterpillars and locusts damage crops
  • Rats damage stored food items
  • Silverfish pierce clothes
  • Termites damage timber.

Themes Of World Pest Day

The theme for World Pest Day 2022 is One World – Protecting Global Public Health through Professional Pest Management.

In 2017 the theme was The Launch Ceremony Of World Pest Day.

In 2018 it was Controlling Pests and Ensuring Food Safety.

In 2019 it was Pest Control for Healthy Communities.

In 2020 it was Rodent Control For Health.

In 2021 it was Recognition of Professional Pest Control for Protecting Health, Home, and Businesses.

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