World Wind Day representational image
World Wind Day representational image. Courtesy: Unsplash

World Wind Day: Significance And History

June 15, 2021

World Wind Day, also called Global Wind Day, is observed every year on June 15. According to, it is the day to discover the possibilities wind energy holds to reshape our energy systems, decarbonise our economies and boost jobs and growth.

According to the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), wind energy is one of the fastest-growing renewable energy sources in the world.

Wind energy has many advantages: it is cost-effective, a source of clean fuel, and inexhaustible. India has a coastline of about 7,600 km and has good prospects of harnessing offshore wind energy.

World Wind Day: What is wind energy?

Wind energy or wind power is created using a wind turbine - a device that uses the power of the wind to generate electricity.

Many parts of the world have strong wind speeds, but experts say that the best locations for generating wind power are far away from densely populated places; many near the coastlines as offshore wind power have great possibilities.

History of wind energy

Harnessing wind power goes back to the times when humans started sailing.

For centuries, wind-powered machines have been used to pump water and grind grains.

In the Netherlands, wind-powered pumps were used to drain the polders and in the dry American mid-west wind pumps provided water for livestock.

What are wind farms?

"Around a century ago, wind turbines became popular. After the electric generator was invented in the 1830s, engineers focused on harnessing wind energy to produce electricity," reports NDTV.

An area where huge clusters of turbines are built is called a wind farm. Strong winds turn the blades of the turbines producing mechanical power.

"Generators then convert the mechanical power into electricity. India's  Jaisalmer Wind Park is one of the largest wind farms in the world. The Muppandal Wind Farm in Kanyakumari is also among the top ten." the NDTV report added.

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