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African Man Creates Project 'Looty', To Reclaim African Artefacts Stolen By European Invaders

May 25, 2022

A man from South Africa has created a project to loot back the African artefacts stolen by the British colonisers by making the 3D models of the piece and selling them as Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

He has also made it a point to use the profit earned out of it to fund young African artists. The project has been named ‘Looty’.

"Imagine a world where these items were never looted. We're just trying to reimagine that world and bring that world into the digital form," news agency Reuters reported quoting Chidi Nwaubani, the founder of the project.

The process includes Nwaubani and his team visiting museums and tracing the artefacts and creating the 3D artforms out of them.

What is even more interesting is that the process is completely legal as he and his team are not practically stealing these African artefacts but, are basically creating digital copies of them. 

The website was launched on May 13, 2022.

Initially, there were no buyers for the artwork but, now, they are getting messages of interest from around the world. 

European invaders have taken away a lot from the countries they colonised. Now, with the presence of technology, social media and other digital innovations, it has become easier to talk about it or act on it. 

These acts are in all sorts of black, white and grey.

Recently, social media fumed with outrage as they saw pictures of Emma Chamberlain wearing Maharaja Patiala’s necklace at Met Gala, which was stolen by British invaders.

Now, Africa has come into the highlight for the same reason as this incident took place. 

Looty’s next big project is based on Ancient Egypt items and Nwubani has declined to give in any further details.

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