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Bhopal And Its Most Intriguing Attractions

May 25, 2022

Bhopal, the heart of Incredible India, also known as the city of lakes, is an alluring visit to add to your travel checklist.

Enriched with green lushes and tranquil lakes, Bhopal offers a peaceful environment, and a must experience. It is a perfect combination of serenity, beauty, modern urban planning, and an old historic city.

The history of Bhopal traces its roots in the 11th century, established by Paramara King Bhoj. Originally, the city was called Bhojpal, named after the king. Dost Mohammad Khan, an Afghan soldier, founded the new city.

Bhopal is famous for the rule of Nawabs and Begums, during which the city flourished with art, culture, and developmental progress. The modern urban development coexists beautifully with the ancient architecture. Old Bhopal has traditional markets, mosques, Havelis, and traditional architecture, whereas the new city has exquisite beauty in Shyamla Hills and Arera Hills. There has been a royal influence on the city and it holds importance for its royal odyssey and cuisines.

The city offers a memorable experience to its travellers looking for an enduring adventure. I recommend a few places to visit if you happen to visit the city.

Take a walk through its tribal history at the tribal museum, which showcases the art, culture, crafts, and history of the seven major tribes of Madhya Pradesh. The uniquely constructed and beautiful interiors of the museum catch spectator’s eyes.

Shaurya Smarak, a war memorial that beholds national pride and patriotism, is a must-visit. The final walk in the memorial leaves us with tears in our eyes and pride in our hearts.

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The heart of Bhopal is its lakes. The serene view and calming winds offer a blissful experience. The Upper lake and the lower lake are the prominent ones to visit, with captivating views. The Upper lake, also called Bhojtal, is the largest man-made lake.

Van Vihar National Park and Ratapani Wildlife Sanctuary are for nature lovers and adventurous spirits.

The perfect places to get a glimpse of sunset include Manuabhan Tekri and the dams, along with the lakes. Kerwa and Kaliyasot dam are splendid for an evening stroll.

Located 32 km away from the city, the Bhojeshwar temple is an ancient and unfinished temple with a magnificent 18 feet lingam carved out of the same stone. The stones beside the temple have engraved architectural plans of the temple.

Places around Bhopal that have been declared UNESCO World Heritage sites include Bhimbetika caves, Udaygiri caves, and Sanchi Stupa. One can also visit the Tropic of Cancer, on the Bhopal-Vidisha highway, 30 km away from the city.

New Market, a local market, and DB mall, the largest mall in Bhopal, are perfect for casual outings and shopping. Several cafes and restaurants offer luscious cuisines for the foodies. One can also taste the delightful Mughlai cuisine of curries and kebabs at the palaces.

Bhopal offers so much to the explorers, be it ancient monuments, religious places, or natural beauty, Bhopal has it all. Unravelling the beauty of the city, one can easily find the tranquil experience that one is looking for. Perhaps it is not acknowledged by the travellers and is an underrated tourist place, but the people appreciate its pleasant and amicable ambience.


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