Mime artist Minangka Deka

Mime Artist Launches "Hang A Spittoon In The Neck" Campaign

February 4, 2021

Minangka Deka, a young mime artist from Assam, has hit out on those who spit out on random places on roads and walls making them unclean.

"Hang a spittoon in the neck instead of spitting on the road" is what his message (originally in Assamese) says when translated to English.

The campaign was launched after spit stains were found on the recently inaugurated foot-over-bridge at Christian Basti area of Guwahati.

"Either people are senseless or they do it deliberately. This has to stop. People will have to understand their mistakes," Deka said while speaking to The Story Mug.

The online campaign has been widely appreciated and people are sharing the photograph on their various social media platforms.

"I found this photo on Facebook and I fully agree with Deka. I have also shared it among my friends," said Nirmali Goswami, a resident of Tarun Nagar area of Guwahati.

Gutkha spit stains are a common nuisance that we generally observe on various roads and landmarks in and around the city.

The stains not only spoils the beauty of an area, but it also reflects the pathetic mindset of the people.

Minangka Deka has always been vocal on issues related to environment and cleanliness.

Previously, he created skits to aware people on coronavirus and the things one should do.

In 2019 the young mime artist did a special mime-shoot through which he urged the picnickers to behave responsibly.

He was also a part of a campaign called ‘Save Deepor Bil’- which was launched to generate awareness on the only Ramsar Site of Assam.

“Mime is much beyond than the peripheries of entertainment,” Deka says.

“Being a strong visual medium, messages expressed through mime leave a long-lasting impact,” he further adds.

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